A blog by the students, for the students

It was by a typical rainy and chilly Brest afternoon of September 2017 that the Master Celtic languages and Cultures in Contact was officially launched. Fourteen young men and women from all around the world and various fields of study came together to study the history of the different Celtic cultures, learn Breton, Welsh and Irish, gather at the pub and complain about the terrible weather.

This blog was started by those very students, to ease their future comrades into the University, the master and the city of Brest, share their own articles on their various topic of interest about Celtic culture, inform them of any upcoming conference or local events related to anything Celtic, tell them of all the good nearby addresses, be it for studying, relaxing or partying, or simply inform any curious soul (in a quest for the perfect master, perhaps) who would have come across this website.

This blog is, of course, open to all students registered into the master. Any Celtic news you want to share, any linguistic or cultural event you have stumbled across, any pub or restaurant you want to advertise, or any article on a particular aspect of Celtic culture or history you have written, they are all very much welcome!

We hope you will have a good two year with us here in Brest, or if you arrived here as you were lost on road of life, that you will join us soon!

Published 5 November 2018 (Edited 22 March 2021)